The website about the best artificial intelligence tools

FUTURUM ADVENIT (FA) is a website that provides reviews of the latest and best artificial intelligence platforms, specifically, user-friendly everyday tools based on artificial intelligence.

These platforms allow you to create, earn, professionally grow, and discover new and interesting directions.

AI can expand the capabilities of human potential and lead to new levels of development in many areas.

With AI, you can optimize processes, reduce production costs, learn and achieve much more, improving the quality of your life.

Our website uses affiliate links, which helps to maintain its functionality and relevance. Thus, the site operates on the principles of affiliate marketing, a popular way of monetizing online content.

However, affiliate marketing is a secondary task of the website, and its main task is to provide access to simple, understandable, and interesting modern tools to as many people as possible.

The website is not a technical aggregator of everything that can be related to this topic (as of 14.06.23) since there are over 5,000 various AI platforms and services on the internet. Not all of them are useful, interesting, or safe.

That's why each AI platform presented as a review on the website is manually selected, studied, and tested in practical applications through personal experience.

In addition, another requirement is that the AI platform must have a free functionality. This is necessary so that anyone can personally understand and try what is being written in the review. Firstly, opinions may not coincide, and secondly, the presented format of the service may seem inconvenient based on personal skills, preferences, and devices used.